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ABOUT  stefania

Do you want a professional interpreter who’s more than “just an interpreter?” Someone who does more than simply know two languages? Someone who understands the underlying goals of your projects?


You’ve come to the right place.


I’m Stefania Spagnulo, and I’m the professional conference interpreter and translator behind

I’m not one of those people who just took a few language classes at University and thought passing a test in a foreign language qualifies them to be your interpreter or translator.

I have a background in the top-tier of my field  — conference interpreting and translation. That’s what drives value when it comes to your business conference and your marketing efforts.


I don’t just know languages — I know business.


As an online entrepreneur and interpreter myself, I understand your needs — reaching the biggest percentage of your market, ensuring smooth and effective communication with partners and clients; generating top quality documentation for your business, and giving your business a professional presence within your niche or industry. Don’t waste time and money on a less-than-qualified interpreter and translator; instead, put my specialized insights and experience to work for you and get it right the first time.​

My aim is simple — make your business better.


Trust me with it. I'll not only help to solve problems of communication and networking, but we'll find and take advantage of opportunities you didn’t even know you had.

Whatever your needs and goals are, I can help you meet or exceed them.



Ever since I can remember, I had always wanted to learn foreign languages. As a child this made me a little different, as while other kids might ask for a video game console, I was begging my parents to send me to private language classes. I wanted any and every book, DVD, or CD available in any foreign language. This is where my passion for foreign languages and culture began.

Over the years, this passion evolved into an ambition to make my love of languages and culture into a profession. That is why I decided to pursue a career as a conference interpreter and translator, bringing me here today, wanting to help you get your message out, and bridge gaps between you and your partners and clients.


Born and brought up in Italy, at 18 years of age I decided to come study in England. Since then, in September 2010, I have been living between London and  Manchester, where I have been working as a freelance translator and interpreter in the languages Italian (native language), English, French and Spanish.   

  • MA in Conference Interpreting at London Metropolitan University

  • BA with Hons in European Languages (French, German and Spanish)

  • Registered  at the Italian General Consulate

  • Career Affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL)    

CPDs (Continuing Professional Development Accreditation)

As a professional translator and interpreter, I consider it very important that one always take their training a step further. I regularly attend training and seminars, as well as conferences together with clients and colleagues.


I also like to read about the industry and keep in contact with my fellow colleagues. Here you can find a list of my favorite podcasts and resources I use to always keep up to date.



The only way to do great work is to love what you do. 
— Steve Jobs

My passion for languages permeates my professional life as well as my personal life. I'm a curious person by nature, so I constantly try to learn new words in different languages. When I am not running my business, I like to go train at the gym and lift heavy.


As a good Italian I am a foodie, and I’m known for my good sense of humour.

Other things you might not know about me:


  • I sometimes like to go for a horseback ride and refresh my dressage riding.

  • I am a coffee addict and I only run on good coffee.

  • I love binge watching make-up and fashion tutorials.

  • I love French, German, and Hungarian rap music, Latin American love songs, and Korean k-pop music.

  • I switch off by reading historic novels or watching series on Netflix.

  • I love discovering new places and travelling to exotic destinations – it’s one of the perks of my job!

Contact Me

Get in touch and book this highly skilled, qualified, interpreter and translator for your event or translation project!

London | United Kingdom

 Tel UK: +44 (0) 7428751202   |      Tel IT: +39 (0) 3474737178


Why you should work with me

I guarantee professional, quality interpreting and translation, competitively priced and delivered fast.

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