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How it works

After assessing your request, I will email you with a detailed quotation including delivery time and charges.


I provide special discounts for loyal customers. If you need Italian translation and interpreting services regularly, contact me to get more information.


If you are requesting translation or interpreting services or want to discuss project details, please send an email with your files attached. All the information you provide will be kept 100% confidential.

If you are happy with my quote, just send me your confirmation. Don't forget to mention any details or special requirements.

As per our arrangements, your translation is delivered within the agreed deadline by email and/or First Class mail.

There are three major techniques used for language interpreting. Which one do you need?

Simultaneous interpreting

I will listen to the speaker and interpret the message while they are speaking.

I will usually be sitting in a soundproofed booth wearing a headset and will simultaneously deliver my translation through the microphone. Thanks to wireless technology, delegates requiring the translation into their mother-tongue will listen to me through their own headsets, while the keynote speaker is talking.


I will share the booth with a professional colleague.




Large conferences, meetings and large international events.

Consecutive interpreting


I will listen to the source-language speaker for a few minutes at a time until they stop, allowing me to deliver the message to the audience.

I will be interpreting after the speaker has finished.

I will either sit or stand beside the source-language speaker. Depending on the nature and duration of the speech I can either take notes or memorize the message to be conveyed.


One-on-one meetings, small group settings, highly technical meetings, field trips, working lunches.

My Professional Commitment

I will ensure a consistent, professional work ethic that is in line with the ITI and CIOL codes of conduct listed below, in line with industry standards and norms, and will meet or exceed your expectations for professional demeanor.

  • ITI code of conduct (pdf)

  • CIOL code of conduct (pdf)

Your documents and your business are in safe hands. In compliance with the ITI and CIOL codes of conduct, any information acquired in the course of the work I undertake is treated as strictly confidential, and impartiality is maintained at all times. I am also happy to work under signed confidentiality and/or non-disclosure agreements.

Whispered interpreting (Chuchotage)


I will be beside or standing among the delegates interpreting simultaneously adjacent to the listener's ear.


Wispering saves time compared to consecutive.

Higher quality is guaranteed when using a headset so that I can get the best possible sound from the source-language speaker.



Usually where only a small number of people need the service, or when the equipment for simultaneous interpreting is not available, bilateral meetings.

Contact Me

Get in touch and book this highly skilled, qualified, interpreter and translator for your event or translation project!

London | United Kingdom

 Tel UK: +44 (0) 7428751202   |      Tel IT: +39 (0) 3474737178


Why you should work with me

I guarantee professional, quality interpreting and translation, competitively priced and delivered fast.

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