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I also offer:




Italian|English|French| Spanish & German




  • Direct translation from speech audio or video files.

  • Verbatim transcripts - where every word is recorded.

  • Intelligent verbatim - transcripts where any unnecessary utterances are excluded.

  • Timestamps.



  • Using subtitling software, I can provide subtitles in most industry-standard formats such as plain text, Word, HTML, Final Cut Pro XML, or Subrip (srt). 



  • If your source video is in one language and you require the subtitles to be in another, I will provide a direct translation into the relevant language and produce time-coded subtitles in a suitable format.





Translating always involves two texts – the source text and target text – meaning that errors can arise from various sources. Based on the two-person rule, I also offer editing and proofreading services.


Editing is the process of refinement of the translated text. When editing a translation, I make sure style and coherence are consistent in each paragraph and sentence. The final step is proofreading and consists of a final check for errors in sentence structure, grammar, verb tense, and punctuation, as well as any typos.



I accept payment by bank transfer, cheque or Paypal and in GBP, EUR as well as in USD.

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London | United Kingdom

 Tel UK: +44 (0) 7428751202   |      Tel IT: +39 (0) 3474737178


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I guarantee professional, quality interpreting and translation, competitively priced and delivered fast.

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