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Interpreting in the time of Coronavirus

With the World Health World Health declaring the Novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, a fast-spreading disease, many companies are asking their staff to work from home. The coronavirus outbreak is putting remote work to test and at an unprecedented scale. Throughout China, Italy, France, and other countries, workers have been on lockdown.

Remote interpreting is seeing a rise in demand as it provides immediate access to language services. Let’s find out how it works and what are the benefits compared to “traditional” interpreting”.

Video remote Interpreting Services

Video Remote Interpreting is the latest trend in the language industry. Thanks to applications and websites, interpreters can be contacted on demand to work and participate in medical examinations, court hearings, conferences and business meetings all over the globe, they would otherwise have attended in person.

This enables to save on travel expenses and to choose from a global network of highly qualified professionals working in every language, without having to rely on local availability.

This new technology offers many advantages to the client in terms of quality and cost-efficiency.


VRI has many advantages on multiple levels:

1. Cost reduction:

Video conference interpreting removes the traveling and accommodation costs involved with booking an in-person interpreter. With this service, the only fee involved is for the time spent interpreting.

2. No special equipment needed:

Traditional interpreting might require the installation of interpreter booths and infrared headsets with the supervision of a tech team. VRI operates on a platform available on common devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

3. No restriction in location, therefore better availability

When booking an interpreter for video conference interpreting the location of the interpreter is no longer a restriction. This means that the service quality does not depend on the availability of nearby professionals, but rather on a wider choice of interpreters.

4. Video stream:

The are advantages of booking a face-to-face interpreter: one of them is that the interpreter is able to pick up on non-verbal cues, which enable conversations to flow more easily. However, with high-quality visual technology now available, these important visual cues can also mostly be picked up with video conference interpreting.

5. Security and confidentiality

Video conference interpreting also has advantages when it comes to confidentiality and data security. Connections are made via a link to a secure site, ensuring all your communication remains confidential, therefore reducing the risk of confidentiality breach.

6. Recording of your session

With video conference interpreting, you also have the chance to record or have the session transcribed. You can, therefore, have a completely accurate record of what was said; perfect for later analysis.

With video remote interpreting services is a great solution for corporate and business meetings as you receive the same benefits of on-site engagements without the hassle of getting everyone from point A to point B.

What's your experience with Video Remote Interpreting? Leave me a comment!

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