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Equestrian translations: the language of horses

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

When you work in a highly specialized industry, you don’t want just anyone translating your content; this is especially true if your industry is that of the Equine. It is essential to hire a specialist translator who knows: the technical vocabulary of the animals and their equipment, the competitive and recreational environments of riders and owners, as well as the many markets within which horses have a presence.

My Languages: English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

For those requiring live translation, I also provide interpreting services for trade fairs, conferences or private meetings.

Examples of commonly requested translations:

  • Letters of enquiry and responses

  • Transcripts of enquiries, hearings, and of appeals

  • Racing nominations

  • Competition rules and entries

  • Product descriptions

  • Purchase and pre-purchase contracts

  • Loan or lease agreements

  • Training contracts

  • Veterinary certificates and reports

  • Expert reports

  • Insurance matters

  • Pedigree certificates

  • Sporting fixtures

  • Blog posts

  • Press releases

  • Trade fairs documents

Reasons to choose me:

• I have maintained a lifelong love of horses, riding, and all things equine.

• I understand clients as I have been in their shoes, having familiarity with the relevant processes.

• I am passionate about the industry and stay up-to-date on the latest in trends, fashion, style, and topics.

• My work is my passion, and I will provide you with content that doesn't just 'get the job done', but that works effectively and in a way that will satisfy all the parties involved.

Do you need any translations? Just send an email to for a quick quote.


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