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Transactional Analysis Conference Interpreter and Translator

If you work in the Transactional Analysis industry, you don’t want just anyone translating your content. One more reason why you should hire a specialist who not only know the technical vocabulary, but the industry as well.

Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German.

I can also provide live translations for any kind of event. According to the situation, I will recommend the most suitable modality (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered or liaison interpreting):

Any member of EATA, ITAA or WPATA, Transactional Analyst (PTSTAs), CTA, Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTAs) psychotherapists, psychologists, teachers, social workers, trainers, coaches, those from the spheres of organizational counseling and management, or anybody interested in TA as a professional instrument and a means of life betterment can request translation or interpreting services.

I provide interpreting services for the following events:

· Workshops and talk on TA

· Supervisions

· Theory and Development & Research Conference

· TA World conferences

· National and Regional Conference of Transactional Analysis

· Training Evaluation Workshops (TEvW)

· Training & Examination

· Three-way call conversations

Examples of commonly requested translations:

· Material and Paperwork for the TevW;

· Curriculum Vitae;

· Letters of endorsement;

· Annual Summary Reports;

· PowerPoint presentations;

· Emails or paperwork.

Do you need an interpreter for your next TA event? Do you need anything translated?

Just send an email to for a quick and no-obligation quote.


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