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Translation of documents when applying for Italian citizenship - for UK nationals

While the world is watching the Brexit situation dramatically unfold, there has been an increase of inquiries as Italian citizenship is seen as more desirable in light of Britain’s Brexit vote to leave the European Union. EU passport holders have a number of automatic rights in EU states and British passport will, post-Brexit, no longer provide these rights.

Whether you are applying to obtain Italian citizenship by descent, marriage or naturalization, here I can assist you with any translation questions or requests you might have regarding official documents accompanying your citizenship application.

The documents issued by non-Italian authorities to be submitted for the application process for the request of Italian citizenship must be always translated in the Italian language.

As a general rule for applications in Italy (City hall, Court), the translations in Italian must be made for all non-Italian documents issued abroad (vital records, divorce, documents relating to naturalization, and so on).

For applications in Italian consulate abroad, the list of documents to be translated depends on which one they apply.

The translation process you need to follow step-by-step is:

1. Obtain your official documents from the relevant UK authorities.

2. Legalize your documents following the instructions on

3. Email them to a professional translator to receive a quote. For quoting purposes, you can either scan your documents to the translator or send them by post or submit them face-to-face.

4. Your chosen supplier will translate them into Italian, sign and certify them as ‘true and accurate translations of the originals’ and they will post them back to you.

If you have any questions, get in touch.


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